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Online Computer Instruction is owned by Small Biz Techno Geek, which has been in business since 2008, now located in Texas. Their reputation with previous clients is one of honesty and going the extra mile to satisfy.

Small Biz Techno Geek is run by Sean Wheeler, son to Laura Wheeler. Sean spent 5 years working as a contractor for DoD on two separate occasions as well as the mighty Microsoft, as a Network and Systems Admin, followed by 4 years of supporting and designing physical security and detection systems. He realized that there was a need for a TRUE Small Business Computer and Network solution, not some corporate geared, "small business rates" company, but a true, all we do is small business solutions company. His mother Laura asked if he wanted to take control of this site, and so now it stands that Small Biz Techno Geek owns Online Computer Instruction. Sean takes no credit for the original content.

Because people learn differently, Sean has posted for authors of articles on multiple sites, so the New content might be Sean's, or it might be somebody else. Credit is given were credit is due.

The original content was written by Laura Wheeler of Firelight Web Studio. She flunked her first computer course in high school back in the days of CP/M command line interfaces (we're talking pre-DOS! Silicon Neanderthals!). She and her husband were given a Mac Classic in 1994, and she took to it right away. Within 2 years she was teaching computer skills courses at a rural school in Montana. Since then she has worked on Macs and PCs of all ages, and is a gifted diagnostician, and an experienced teacher of computer skills. She often hears the question, "Why don't you write a book?" from her clients. But she also notices that most people will not read a book!

Laura and her husband Kevin are the parents of eight children, seven living, one gone ahead. All are now on their own. Both parents are active in their community and in their church.

Sean and his wife Brandi are parents of three children, all of which are very active individuals and enjoy going to school. Both actively volunteer at school and church, as well as in the community.

Firelight Web Studio
A price you can afford, payments that work for you, and information when you need it, will keep you in the driver's seat, even if you don't know a metatag from a content management system.